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Finding Your Best-fit Electric Cycle in India in 2022

Finding Your Best-fit Electric Cycle in India in 2021

Lightspeed E-bike

Lightspeed Glyd e-bike in orage colour

Lightspeed Glyd

For a ride in the urban streets in India, LightSpeed Glyd is a lightspeed city e-bike which can steer you with ease through the hustle and bustle. Compatible with the Indian landscape, it can take you on an approximately 35 kilometers long ride on a full charge. The suspension fork coupled with low friction superior wheels effectively tackles the potholes and puddles in the roads.  For regular intensive use, the steel frame takes charge of the durability issues and makes it an ideal choice for city rides.

Lightspeed Rush

LightSpeed Rush, a high-performance e-bike comprises lightweight strong alloy wheels coupled with a sophisticated Battery Management System which enables smooth quick acceleration. For fast rides, Rush can rush you through. With the five-level pedal boost system, you can cover 55-60 kilometers on a full charge. Designed to blend in the pitch darkness, night rides can become a luxury on this elegant e-bike.

Lightspeed Dryft

LightSpeed Dryft e-bikes can appease the adventure lust in you. This dynamic mountain bike is suitable for rides in tough landscapes with steeps and slopes. The superior broad grip wheels and responsive breaks promise a safe ride on risky trails. On your Dryft, you can easily traverse 50 kilometers on a full charge.

GoZero E-Bike

GoZero One

GoZero e-bikes provide a relishing riding experience on different modes like Throttle, Peddle Assist, Cruise Mode, Walk Mode, and Manual Peddle. The British electric bike makers plan on many more future products, however, currently, two models have made their successful stride in the Indian market. People preferring a shorter range of 45 kilometers can opt for Mile which comes with a 300Wh lithium battery pack, whereas for a longer range of 60 kilometers the 400Wh lithium battery pack, One, suits.

Coppernicus E-Bike

Coppernicus T3

Similarly, T3 2020, one of Coppernicus e-bike’s exciting models is a well-equipped bike for the perilous rough mountain adventure. If paths least sought after is where you desire to explore, then you must give this e-bike a chance. Coppernicus is designed to maximize comfort and assures an ultimate performance with a seamless transition between peddling and assists mode. This is achieved through sensors in the torque which promptly adjusts between modes.

Felidae E-Bike


Technology fanatics are likely to be fascinated by the state-of-the-art features that Felidae e-bikes come with. A smart tracking system is facilitated through cloud-connected GPS and anti-theft alarms, which captures riding details for analysis. It automatically senses the terrain—hill or slope—and adjust the torque as per the need. Not only does it provide a smooth riding experience on different terrain, but it also minimizes power consumption through the effective integration of built-in algorithms.

Svitch XE

For an all-in-one ride, the Svitch e-bike is the option. If you are an unpredictable person, not certain of the terrain you will tread or the distance you will want cover, the multi-terrain e-bike Svitch is your appealing friend. Packed with a larger lithium-ion battery, you can set off on longer rides, up to 80 kilometers on a full charge at the speed you desire. At 45 kilometers per hour with the pedal assist, amuse yourself with the breeze gently playing on your face.

Interestingly, the foldable nature of Svitch can make the e-bike fit in the trunk of your car, so you do not have to worry about trekking that involves rides and drives. Comfort assured! The dual suspension guarantees a comfortable, less-jerky ride on bumpy paths. So you are good to go on any track as your heart directs you to.

As fascinating as a pleasurable ride is, so is the collection of e-bikes you can choose from. Before you start your enthralling expedition on the sustainable electric vehicle, you sure have to indulge in good research on what you want–finding your best fit electric bike. The first choice matters a lot, as it determines the rest of your journey. But as already mentioned, the process of finding is sure to be rewarding when done right.

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