Inside BLive

How the dream was born:

The journey began in 2018 when two old friends, Samarth and Sandeep, connected over a common cause. Inspired by a dream to make electric vehicles accessible to all, they created BLive – India’s first experiential tourism on e-bikes

Within a year of its inception, BLive grew in presence and popularity across India. For the first time, thousands of people got a chance to touch, feel and ride an e-bike. The e-bike tours was a hit among travellers and proved to be an effective way to demonstrate the e-bikes. The customers often asked if they could buy the e-bikes for personal use. They soon realised that BLive was more than just e-bike tours, they were offering a hands-on experience for the customers and guiding them like ‘experts’ in choosing the right e-bike. 

The onset of Covid -19 fuelled the desire for a personal and affordable two-wheeler option and the team got cracking. The lockdown turned out to be boon for them as they worked tirelessly to bring the BLive EV Store to life, and fast. Leveraging on their experience of EVs, partnerships with EV brands and a highly motivated team, BLive launched India’s first online EV store. The EV Store made it easy and fun for anyone to choose the right EV. Against all odds their dream of making EVs accessible to all was finally coming true!

On the Road with BLive:

Behind every great idea is a stellar team and we’re very proud of the people that make the BLive life a delight. Leading from the front is Samarth, our CEO and his partner in crime, Sandeep, the Chief Operating Officer. 

Adarsh leads the overall EV store business. A rare mix of calmness and focus, you can always trust Adarsh to get the job done.

Siddharth heads the Operations and Vendor management efforts. ‘Mr Dependable’ as he is known, Sid never fails to rise to the occasion.   

Ravi oversees all things digital ensuring we are live 24/7. Ravi has an amazing ability to find a hack for every problem. Currently, he is rumoured to be working on world peace!  

Cidren and Susan run the most critical function – the EV Expert center. Their KPI is spreading knowledge and customer delight. Cidren is an ace footballer and just as good with e-Bikes. Susan is go-to person for anyone seeking knowledge on e-bikes and is also the Chief entertainment officer of BLive.

Surabhi is the voice of BLive, leading our PR and comms. An animal lover and avid reader (on Instagram) Surabhi has single-handedly raised the style quotient at BLive


Lead, E-commerce


Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar

Digital Marketing
Susan Rajan


EV Expert


EV Expert


Corporate Communications

Our Journey of building a carbon free earth

The wheels just keep on turning: Life at BLive

We may spread our wings far and wide but our heart still beats in Goa. Driven by an agile startup mindset, the work culture at Blive encourages open dialogue and abhors hierarchy. We truly believe great ideas can come from anywhere and empower people to challenge the status quo.

Trust and transparency are the cornerstones that make the Blive team a close-knit family. Team meetings at the beach are just one of the many perks of life at Blive and the journey has only just begun!