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Ease of a bicycle and power of a motor bike, the E-bike packs quite a punch.
Battery 02

Lithium-ion Battery

Located in the frame or luggage rack, the battery powers the motor. It charges in 3-4 hours and delivers a range of around 50kms.

Disc Brake 02

Disc Brakes

Located in the front wheel, the disc brakes provides superior braking power for added safety of the rider.

LED Screen 02

LED Display

The multi-display LED screen shows real time data related to speed, charge, distance and level of assist mode.

Motor 02


Mounted in the rear wheel, the 250 W motor gives momentum to the e-bike drawing power from the battery.

Pedal Assist 02

Pedal assist

Motor powered pedal assist makes riding effortless in every terrain. The rider can select from high, medium and low modes as per convenience.

Throttle 02


A twist of the throttle gives instant acceleration to the e-bike making the ride completely effortless.

3 modes for effortless riding

The motor is an integral part of the e-bike. It powers the bike using a brushless DC motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. This helps the rider gain cruising-speeds and makes the overall experience comfortable. Depending on how much power is required, the e-bike comes with three modes: high, medium and low. This makes the e-bike one of the most comfortable and efficient ways to travel.
Throttle Mode e-bike on Blive store


More like an electric-powered two-wheeler, the throttle mode allows you to give your legs a break while enjoying the commute. A simple twist of the throttle zooms you to speeds upto 25kmph.

Pedal Assist e-bike on Blive Store

Pedal Assist

The assist mode enables the biker to get a combination of both pedal and electric motor assistance. There are several modes within this assistance that combines the movement of pedals along with the boost of the motors. The pedal-assist is the default mode and usually comes in handy for steep slopes where you need an extra push to power through.

Pedal Mode e-bike on Blive Store

Pedal Only

For times when you do not want any kind of electric assistance and just wish to pedal it out for your fitness, use the pedal only mode. This mode allows you to drive the e-bike like any other traditional bicycle, requiring you to pedal it out for any kind of movement.

Lithium-ion battery for a supercharged life





Lithium-ion batteries are powering your smartphones, laptops and are even being used to power electric vehicles. So, it’s no surprise that they’ll be used to power the e-bike. The best e-bikes are one that have lightweight but long-lasting batteries, and which can be quickly taken out and replaced. The e-bike battery can be easily removed and charged at home or anywhere you want, making it extremely comfortable. Every e-bike comes with a charger similar to a laptop charger than can be plugged into your home or office to charge the battery. The battery takes 3-4 hours to charge fully and consumes only 1 unit of electricity making it efficient and cost effective. 

Pick your bike that has a powerful battery to give you incredible speeds and last long so that you can travel vast distances easily. The ideal e-bike will provide a top speed of 25kmph and continue to run for approx. 50 km!

A feature loaded package for ultimate comfort and safety

Ride comfort

The modern e-bike usually has seats that are wider and provide an additional cushion as compared to a traditional bike. Besides, you can get add-on seat covers to make the riding experience even more comfortable. The right posture is integral, especially for riding long distances.

Puncture-resistant tyres

Depending on the type of e-bike you opt for, they’ll come with tyres that are specific to the requirement. A city cruiser will have light-weight tyres that are built for speed and gripping the road, whereas a mountain e-bike comes with huge tyres to hold on in rough terrains. But whichever option you choose, go for puncture-resistant tyres, which are thick and contain liquid sealants. 

Sturdiness with agility

Depending on your requirement, you need to pick an e-bike that is ideally suited for your needs. For tougher terrain, a sturdy and heavy e-bike may work great, but the same will be a hassle for city driving. Pick a bike that is sturdy but also light-weight so you can take it along wherever you want, be it right till your doorstep at home or your office space.

Everything you want to know about e-bikes

E-Bike FAQs

E-bikes are a great alternative to the two-wheeler or four-wheeler, especially for single travellers. Some of the benefits of using an e-bike over other vehicles are:

  1. Ride faster than a normal bicycle
  2. Don’t sweat it, ride uphill effortlessly with the motor powering you 
  3. Get active, get fit – as per research, a mere 30-40 minutes of cycling can have a significant impact on your overall health and wellness
  4. Save the joints – exercise without stressing your knees
  5. Save the planet – save 90gms of CO2 emission per km

No. e-bikes have a maximum speed up to 25 kmph, so you do not need a license to ride an e-bike.

There are three ways you can ride an e-bike

  1. Pedal it out! If you are a fitness freak and want to use it for work out, or a trek session, you can drive the e-bike by pedaling just like a normal bicycle.
  2. Pedal Assist: There are 5 modes of pedal assist. It is the combination of pedals along with the boost of the motor.
  3. Motor only: In this mode, you can ride the e-bike just a normal petrol-powered two-wheeler.

There is one for every need which can be built with features customized as per the requirements. Some of the e-bikes types in the market are:


The easy bike

Ideal for simple needs, the easy bike is built to have agility and comfort. It has lighter but equally grippy tyres while it comes with a basket, ideal for carrying groceries or other essential items.


The adventure bike

The bulky looking version of an e-bike, the adventure bike has massive tyres that are built for the off-road experience. The adventure bike comes with an enormous battery and is relatively heavier due to its steel-metal frame. The bike is ideal for those who seek adventure and wish to travel off-road in the arms of nature!


The city bike

The best option for city cruising, the city bike is light-weight and agile, built for providing additional comfort when rising through the city. The city bike is easy to manoeuvre and comes with a long-lasting battery to provide the right power and mileage for daily use.

Depending on the brand. It gives anywhere between 30-80kms per charge. It also may vary depending on Altitude, Weight, and Terrain etc.

The life of the battery depends on your usage. A battery lasts approx. 1000 charge cycles ie. 1000 full charges, which can easily be up to 3 years.

All electric bikes are capped at 25kph as per the ARAI norms. Above this the electric motor will cut out.

It takes a total of 1 unit of electricity to charge e-bike’s battery fully. It runs at a rate of 6 paise per kilometre.

No, electric bike batteries require charging from the mains.

Currently we don’t provide this facility.

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Rider FAQs

On average e-bike batteries will take 3-4 hours to charge. Charging time will vary depending on the size of the battery. Batteries with a higher capacity will take longer.

It depends on the usage. On an average it lasts 800-1000 full charges or roughly 3 years.

Electric bikes should be cleaned like any other. Avoid jet washes and use warm water and proper bike cleaner.

The most obvious associated cost of running an e-bike is the electricity used to charge the battery. The cost of which is considerably less than running a car over the same distances. Additionally there are on-going costs as batteries will eventually need replacing. The frequency will depend on use but if you take care of your battery as with any other component then replacements will be required less frequently. Typically, every few years.

Except for Motor and Controller, the components are fairly normal for a bicycle vendor to understand. In an emergency, you can always contact them for normal wear and tear or you can buy our package Peace of mind.

E-bike batteries should be looked after as any other. Avoid storing in direct sunlight; ideally in a cool dry place. It is also advisable to take care not to drop or damage the battery. You don’t need to completely drain the battery before charging it.

 You can ride it as a normal bicycle and then charge the battery as soon as you find a power source.

Yes! e-bikes are rated IP65 which means they are wash-down capable, dust-proof, and waterproof. However we will suggest not riding in heavy rains as well for safety reasons. All the electrical components are designed to be water proof, although it’s not recommended to submerge the components for long periods of time.

Choosing an e-bike is just like choosing any other bike. The first thing to think about is what you’ll be using it for. Think about whether you might want suspension, slick tyres, lots of gears, etc. Once you know this information you can think about how far you want to go and how much power you want. Generally speaking the larger the battery the greater the range and the more torque in the motor, the more power you will have available to you.

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