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Svitch XE E-bike Charger


Svitch XE charger,48 V,3 Amps. Charging yourself or to the Cycle, both are equally important. Svitch’s standard charger charges up your battery within a period of 3 to 3.5 hours whereas the advanced charger helps you to fulfill your requirement at the earliest in just 2.5 hours and you can use this charger in any of our purchased models.

Svitch XE+ Battery


The 48V Lithium-ion battery comes in 3 variants. 9.6Ah, 10.4Ah, 11.6Ah. 48V, 11.6 Ah Lithium-ion batteries are also available to choose from. Add up an extra pack to your suite and increase the range of your vehicle. All battery packs are uniform for all Svitch models

Unisex Svitch Sipper


600 ml bottle, Quench your thirst while riding. There should be no reason to get tired!